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Lose 5 Percent, Earn Better Health

According to a new study, losing as little as 5 percent of body weight reduces type 2 diabetes and heart disease risks for obese men and women. Okunma Sayısı : 1419

Spreading Computer Viruses with Zika Virus

A malicious spam campaign has been set up by criminals in Brazil. Their purpose is to profit from the fears surrounding the Zika virus. These criminals have released an email from a fake address as if it


One of the most recent social changes taking place in the world, is social networking. Social networking in itself is not a new development. These types of groups have been in existence for at least 150 years,

The United Nations

The United Nations, an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries, has its headquarters along the East River in New York City. Technically anyone who visits UN Headquarters is not in

Teaching at Home

Not every parent looks forward to the day when their child goes off to school. In fact some parents are not sending their students to school at all. Instead they are choosing to teach their children at

Earth’s Magnetic Field

http://av.voanews.com/clips/VLE/2015/08/19/e7db3226-0f8d-4fbe-8b78-d84bb5260b3f.mp3 Most of us rarely think about the earth’s magnetic field. We might know that it helps guide birds as they travel and keeps our compasses pointing north. But, the magnetic field is much more. It is

Arab Spring and Winter

The series of protests and demonstrations which started in 2011 across the Middle East and North Africa has become known as the “Arab Spring”, and sometimes as the “Arab Spring and Winter”, “Arab Awakening” or “Arab Uprisings”.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China stretches for 6000 km across the northern part of China. It is not one long wall. It is a number of stone walls and earthen fortifications. Many centuries ago, around the 4th

A Ninth Planet in Our Solar System

Dinle: Scientists said they have found evidence of a giant planet far out in our solar system. Okunma Sayısı : 717

Humans Sleep Less

http://av.voanews.com/clips/VLE/2015/12/15/47f1c321-62bb-4484-9125-850981e71559.mp3 Humans need less sleep than other mammals, yet their slumber is more efficient, said researchers at Duke University in North Carolina. In their study, the scientists researched sleep patterns of hundreds of animals. They discovered humans