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No Fumes in the Future

Electric vehicles – including self-driving cars – are clearly the future of personal transportation, but the question remains to be answered: “ when does the future begin?” Okunma Sayısı : 3445

Selfie with Ptyhon

Posing for a selfie with a python turned too dangerous for a man in India as the snake swung around and attacked him. The incident occurred in the hill town of Mount Abu, in the northern Indian

Obesity Continues to Rise

A new medical report has found out that the number of obese people around the world has increased by 600% over the past 40 years. The report says that about 12% of the world’s population suffers from

Japan’s Population is Declining

For the first time in a hundred years Japan’s population is declining.  In the past 5 years it went down by 1 million people, according to a nationwide census. Currently, there are 127 million people living in

DDoS Attacks Become Popular

A series of coordinated cyber attacks made Sweden’s main newspapers offline for several hours over the weekend. Early reports suggest the attacks originated from Russia. Okunma Sayısı : 1871

Art for Men, Art for Women

Evaluation of art by sexes exhibits differences.  Men tend to place more emphasis on the artist, women on the art itself. Okunma Sayısı : 1049

Our Brains during Microsleep

We’ve all experienced it: You’re completely exhausted after working all the night, and despite your best efforts to stay awake, your eyelids keep closing and closing until suddenly you fall asleep for just a second until you

Life is in Danger in the Middle East

The man known as the father of global warming warned that Summer is coming for the Middle East and tropical areas. By the end of the century, he predicts that rising temperatures caused by climate change will

Where is Mona Lisa?

A number of da Vinci works would find their way into Francis I’s collection, one of the world’s most famous paintings. According to French folklore, Francis was even at da Vinci’s bedside when he died and following

Lose 5 Percent, Earn Better Health

According to a new study, losing as little as 5 percent of body weight reduces type 2 diabetes and heart disease risks for obese men and women. Okunma Sayısı : 1419