A Possible Earthquake in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is focus of great concern for earthquake researchers. This 15-million metropole is situated very close to the so-called North Anatolian Fault Zone which runs just outside of the city gates below the Marmara Sea. Here in the underground there is a constant build-up of energy which results from an interlocking of the tectonic plates causing plate movement to come to a halt until a great tremor releases this energy. Scientists, therefore, reckon with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or greater in this region in the coming years. Continue reading “A Possible Earthquake in Istanbul”

Be Quick But don’t Hurry

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden would tell his teams “Be quick but don’t hurry.” I think more people need to follow that advice.

Some people are slow because they haven’t practiced enough. For example, the surgeon who has practiced a particular surgery dozens of times will be quicker, which is great, but still shouldn’t hurry—Despite being expert, hurrying could result in cutting the wrong blood vessel. Continue reading “Be Quick But don’t Hurry”

What will Assad Actually Win?

Now that forces supporting the Syrian government have completed the takeover of Aleppo, and Russia, Turkey and Iran have negotiated a tenuous cease-fire, it is more than likely that President Bashar al-Assad and the regime he oversees will continue to govern Syria, in one form or another. In an interview with French media published last week, Mr. Assad stated that Aleppo signaled a “tipping point in the course of the war” and that the government is “on the way to victory.” Continue reading “What will Assad Actually Win?”