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FBI vs. The Apple: iPhone Encryption Battle

The battle lines are clear: the FBI is using the courts to try to force Apple to write malware that will provide a backdoor into the iPhone the Feds recovered at the recent San Bernardino terrorist shootings

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution affects a large number of Europeans, becoming quickly one of the most underrated environmental problems that take severe toll on human health. YDS kelime listeleri, Kelime Testleri, Mini YDS testleri, ve makaleyi dinleme özellikleri, yeni

Say You did, Even if You didn’t

Criminal justice in Japan On the face of it Japan’s system of criminal justice looks as if its gets a lot right. Crime rates are lower in Japan than almost anywhere else—the murder rate is less than

The Domestication of Dogs

The domestication of dogs over the course of several thousand years has inadvertently led to them carrying harmful genetic baggage, a new study has found. According to researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a

Love on the Rocks

Love stories generally build up to a romantic climax and then end, leaving us with the impression that the couple lived happily ever after. Sadly, the reality is rarely as rosy as this. In the first flush

The Next Ice Age

There are still a few people in northern Europe who think that global warming might not be such a bad thing. In Britain, where summer can sometimes seem to last little more than a few weeks, many

Contemporary Approaches to Struggle with Cancer

There are, broadly speaking, four ways to fight cancer. You can cut a tumour out, with surgery. Or you can try one of three different ways of killing it. Radiotherapy targets tumours with radiation. Chemotherapy uses chemicals

Don’t Let Kids Play Football

we have passed laws to keep children from smoking or drinking alcohol; and we do not use asbestos as an industrial product. As we become more intellectually sophisticated and advanced, with greater and broader access to information

China’s Currency Game

China’s decision to devalue its currency, the renminbi, by 2 percent against the dollar on Tuesday is intended to give its slowing economy a boost. But the decision is likely to be seen by lawmakers in the

Coffee makes you better and healthier

Drinking coffee could help people become more ethical at work, and stave off diabetes, according to two new studies. Tired workers are less likely to resist unethical influence from senior colleagues, and the equivalent of a large