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Climate Change as Battleground

Climate Change as Battleground between India and Pakistan A farmer in Patiala, India shows damage to wheat caused by unseasonably heavy rains in April 2015. While India and Pakistan don’t see eye to eye on pretty much

Floods as War Weapons

During the Eighty Years’ War, as the Spanish army fought to recapture territory in what is now northern Belgium and southwestern Netherlands in the late sixteenth century, the Dutch rebels led by William of Orange decided to

Penchant for the Space

For as long as we’ve existed, humans have looked up at the stars — and wondered. What is up there? Who is out there? Now, to that list of questions we can add: And CAN I HAVE

Railguns as Alternative Weapons

For all the centuries of refinement that separate a modern rifle from a Renaissance arquebus, the basic idea has not changed. That idea is to convert the chemical energy stored in an explosive into kinetic energy stored