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Follow the Sun

Solar power is reshaping energy production in the developing world. Across the developing world, solar power is hitting its stride. Rather than the rooftop panels popular in Germany, YDS kelime listeleri, Kelime Testleri, Mini YDS testleri, ve

FBI vs. The Apple: iPhone Encryption Battle

The battle lines are clear: the FBI is using the courts to try to force Apple to write malware that will provide a backdoor into the iPhone the Feds recovered at the recent San Bernardino terrorist shootings

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution affects a large number of Europeans, becoming quickly one of the most underrated environmental problems that take severe toll on human health. YDS kelime listeleri, Kelime Testleri, Mini YDS testleri, ve makaleyi dinleme özellikleri, yeni

The Next Ice Age

There are still a few people in northern Europe who think that global warming might not be such a bad thing. In Britain, where summer can sometimes seem to last little more than a few weeks, many

Contemporary Approaches to Struggle with Cancer

There are, broadly speaking, four ways to fight cancer. You can cut a tumour out, with surgery. Or you can try one of three different ways of killing it. Radiotherapy targets tumours with radiation. Chemotherapy uses chemicals

Penchant for the Space

For as long as we’ve existed, humans have looked up at the stars — and wondered. What is up there? Who is out there? Now, to that list of questions we can add: And CAN I HAVE

Global Emissions Hit New Record

2013 was another record year for global CO2 emissions, a report has revealed. emissions reached a record high of 35.3 billion tonnes, with the biggest increases seen in Brazil, India, China and Indonesia. Russia and the EU

Railguns as Alternative Weapons

For all the centuries of refinement that separate a modern rifle from a Renaissance arquebus, the basic idea has not changed. That idea is to convert the chemical energy stored in an explosive into kinetic energy stored