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The Tough Realities of Climate Change

IN less than a month, delegates from more than 190 countries will convene in Paris to finalize a sweeping agreement intended to constrain human influence on the climate. But any post-meeting celebration will be tempered by two

The Next Ice Age

There are still a few people in northern Europe who think that global warming might not be such a bad thing. In Britain, where summer can sometimes seem to last little more than a few weeks, many

Climate Change as Battleground

Climate Change as Battleground between India and Pakistan A farmer in Patiala, India shows damage to wheat caused by unseasonably heavy rains in April 2015. While India and Pakistan don’t see eye to eye on pretty much

Global Emissions Hit New Record

2013 was another record year for global CO2 emissions, a report has revealed. emissions reached a record high of 35.3 billion tonnes, with the biggest increases seen in Brazil, India, China and Indonesia. Russia and the EU